H.E.A.T - Sign In The Northern Sky Tour 2020

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"What can you say about H.E.A.T? If you don’t like these energetic Swedes you must be dead inside, as this year they’ve shown the UK crowd how to be the most complete band on the planet" - Classic Rock Magazine.

THE EARLY DAYS The first seed, that later was to become the significant sound of H.E.A.T, was planted in early 2004, but it was not until 2007 that the circle was fully closed and the band was ready to take on the world. They started their journey by playing every show they could get their hands on, this resulted in a fan base in Sweden and whispers of a new rising star began to radiate abroad. A few months later, Swedish Hollywood actor Peter Stormare signed the band to his record label StormVox. Before even released their first album, H.E.A.T was performing on stages across the country, both on their own and as support to the likes of Toto and Swedish band Mustasch. In April 2008 their debut album Heat was released and became a massive vitamin injection for the genre and instantly received accolades from both fans and critics. The release was followed up by immense touring and H.E.A.T played with bands such as Alice Cooper, Thin Lizzy and on big festivals like Sweden Rock Festival.

"Back then, we did not "enter" the scene, we more or less brought it back to life. No one was doing that type of music at the time being, at least not young blokes like us, not at that kind of level" - H.E.A.T

THE BIG BREAKTHROUGH In January 2009 began an exciting year in H.E.A.T history. First in line was a five week European tour with the German metal-greats Edguy, as headliners followed by the Swedish qualifiers for the Eurovision song contest with the song ì1000 miles which became a huge hit in Sweden. The first album was re-released with the 1000 miles single as an additional CD and the touring began all over Sweden. In late 2009 H.E.A.T entered the studio BoomRoom in Boomtown, Borlänge to begin the recordings of the follow- up to "Heat", "Freedom Rock". The album was released in May 2010. During the recordings H.E.A.T began to grow a slight distance to singer Kenny Leckremo who had more or less moved to England. After an English tour in spring 2010, Kenny eventually informed the rest of the guys that he no longer was the singer of the H.e.a.t due to personal reasons.

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H.E.A.T - Sign In The Northern Sky Tour 2020

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