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“We take parody very seriously!”


NANOWAR OF STEEL are the international masters of parody-metal.


Humor in metal is a rarity, but NANOWAR OF STEEL impressively boost its existence by mixing contrasting musical styles like ska and true metal, crafting a genre-fluid fun formation. The band was formed in 2003 in Rome and has been dedicated to tongue-in-cheek metal ever since.  


They have toured all over Europe for five times since 2007 and played big festivals like Metaldays, Hellfest, Rock Harzand Leyendas Del Rockamong others.


The band’s unique sense of humor is rooted somewhere between the Italian sun and the darkness of the Norwegian winter. Their latest release, “Norwegian Reggaeton”, combines all well-known clichés of both cultures, creating a new, unprecedented offering.


With their latest release, “Norwegian Reggaeton”, NANOWAR OF STEEL have created the first metalton (metal + reggaeton) song in the history of summer hits.


After four full length studio albums, the band is now ready to take the next step on the Stairway to Valhalla, and signed a worldwide contract with Napalm Records.


Beware: NANOWAR OF STEEL take “parody very seriously”!

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